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You can keep Cory Catfish with guppies but also other freshwater species because they get along with just about any other freshwater species. I had a female betta that seemed to ignore my male guppies completely until randomly one day I walked in and caught her actively biting off one of the guppies' tail. La femelle est plus grande que le mâle et sa robe est unie. I have had a tank crack, and it's hard to find something in an emergency to accommodate your fish with heating and filtering. If you’re looking to build a fish community that consists of guppies and other fish, in this guide I’ll recommend 15 tank mates that are compatible with guppies. Guppies are not the brightest fish and don't tend to learn to "stay away" from anyone, and female bettas tend to go from one extreme to another at a moments notice. I already have my tank setup with 6 guppies and will purchase 10 shrimp next week. The Guppy is one of the most popular aquarium fish due to it’s easy living habitat and cosmetic beauty. Nombre de poissons dans un aquarium. Je suis d'accord que si je me retrouve avec une vingtaine de guppy dans mon 20l la je c'est que c'est impossible. Feeds on worms, lar… Thank you for the feedback! Je ne peux malheureusement pas avoir d'aquarium plus grand pour le moment pour des raisons budgétaire et d'espace, mais je réfléchis ardamment à comment pourvoir accueillir un aqua plus grand dans ma chambre pour plus de confort pour les poissons. What fish are you planning to keep in the 10 gallon aquarium? Just so you know, Successful Aquarium may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Combien de guppy dans 96L: combien de temps? The simple fact that Guppy fish are good community fish doesn’t mean they can be housed with any other fish. Guppies will be curios at first, but don’t worry they will not bother the shrimp, once they get used to them. Thanks! Même un aquarium de 54 litres est trop petit pour la plupart des espèces de poissons. Don’t forget, that shrimp are very sensitive to some fish medication. Along with the Amano Shrimp, Nerite Snails are referred to as part of the aquarium cleaning crew. Powered by Successful Aquarium. Males are smaller and display fins in a varied range of colors and patterns. Espèces, composition de l’eau, nourriture, traitements des principales maladies : découvrez nos conseils ! Guppy grass will feed on any nutrient in your aquarium, … They’re omnivorous and they get into the habit of stealing food from other fish and each other, which makes for some rather funny scenes. Un nouveau tuto Toopet : comment monter son aquarium tropical, parfait notamment pour les guppys. Thanks for all the info! Dans 40L on ne peut pas non plus mettre de guppy qui sont actifs et se reproduisent énormément, pour eux, ils font au moins 80L pou un harem. L’aquarium Eheim Vivaline 126L est idéal pour adopter des guppys. Comment monter un aquarium d'eau douce. They are community-friendly fish that can be paired with Cory Catfish, Amano Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, and other freshwater fish including Guppy. The simple fact that Guppy fish are good community fish doesn’t mean they can be housed with any other fish. As per if you have 1 Male Guppy and 2 Females plus 6 Neon Tetras in a 5.4 gallon tank, no decor or anything to reduce the water volume, this is what is comes up with. They’re peaceful and besides guppies, they also get along with mollies, swordfish, catfish, and tetras all of which are good companions for guppies as well. Not two Guppies have the same coloration or design. If you want to breed shrimp for profit, you should avoid keeping them with other tank mates. I have read alot of comments of people saying that you cant really keep that much fish in a 20l tank. They’re available in a variety of colors and shades that range from green to red. To recreate the natural shaded environment they thrive in, aquarists usually use floating plants. Disclosure: I may earn a commission when you purchase through my affiliate links. I’ve seen photos and videos of guppies being kept in glass bowls, which can barely hold a few gallons of water, which brings us to the next point of my article. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend adding Cichlids to your tank of guppies. I recommend them to beginner aquarists but also to anyone who wants enduring fish that are community-friendly. Great article! Kuhli fish are known to jump, so I recommend that you tightly cover your tank to prevent them from jumping out. Avoid keeping guppies with other large fish that may mistake them for food. Hey Fabian! I know they can be aggressive and temperamental with other animals but I also know 20 is a lot of space for one fish. I was wondering if you can keep guppies with a pea puffer? They’re vibrant fish that exhibit schooling behavior, so keep them in groups of 8 to 12. Thanks so much for going into such detail. Vous pouvez mettre des poisson rouge dans votre 20L mais sûrement pas un couple de guppy quart les guppy sa fait des petits et sa en fait beaucoup quart un surpeuplement dans un n aquarium de 20l s est pas bon du tout voilà merci. 6 Guppy endler(mâles uniquement) Les escargots . Re: Guppy endler dans nano 20l? le Ven 24 Déc 2010 - 11:36 En effet, l'aquarium est vraiment trop juste pour des guppy, cependant, parfaitement adéquat pour un bette qui doit impérativement etre seul. Koller Products PanaView 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit - Power Filter - LED Lighting, (AQ15005), Tetra ColorFusion Starter aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Half-Moon Shape, With Bubbler And Color-Changing Light Disc, Marineland Contour 3 aquarium Kit 3 Gallons, Rounded Glass Corners, Includes LED Lighting, Aquarium de 20l et guppy : forum Poisson . Something is killing my guppies there is on damasoni barb a golden algebra eater a swordtail plates every day or so I find dead guppies. Since they’re schooling fish, it’s best to keep them in groups of 7 or more. Re: Guppy endler dans nano 20l? Plus, it gently irritates the fish’s slime coat, causing the fish to make more beneficial mucus that can block some parasites and microorganisms from reaching its body. Females are less impressive. Now I’m confused and can’t decide what to do. Avoid keeping them with large or predatory fish. I have a 10 gallon aquarium with 6 guppies and I would love to get a pea puffer. Again, shrimp and fish should not be kept together, because there’s a high chance that newborns will end up as live food for fish, and in the case of the Crystal Red Shrimp, a rather expensive one at that. Good luck with your new fish tank! I wanted to share some of my previous planted guppy aquariums with you guys. You can also find some helpful information in this guppy aquarium video. Fill the bottom with gravel, and decorate the tank with rocks, plants, and ornaments. As far as feeding goes, mollies are not picky, they’ll eat frozen, live, dried food and a fair amount of vegetables. For starters, they must be kept in groups of 4 to 6 since they’re social and thrive in groups, so a tiny tank won’t be a good choice for them. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. When buying these snails, look for active snails that are free from cracks, gashes or nicks. I’m very keen to get my community tank started! The wide variety … It’s not like these two species don’t get along, they do, in fact they get along so well, they crossbreed. Destiné aux aquariums de taille moyenne d’environ 10 à 40 litres, ce modèle offre un débit de pompe de 150 l/h comme un filtre aquarium 20l silencieux. The African Dwarf Frog is a slow eater and Guppies will absolutely devour all the food and leave next to nothing for ADFs. If you’re adamant about keeping them in the same tank, you can get away with it if you keep your guppies with small angelfish, otherwise they’ll end up eating your guppies. il peut mettre un betta, ce genre d' aquarium, c est comme 2 plaques de decors avec un rond découpé au milieu, collé sur un bac de 20L son bac est en faite un cubi de 20L on peut faire moins chere soi meme, tu decoupe un rond dans une grand feuille coloré et tu colle la feuille sur les vitres de l' aquarium They prefer tanks with lots of live plants and driftwoods, and because of their delicate bellies and fins, the Kuhli Loach are better off in a sand substrate. A good rule that has always worked for me is the 1 guppy per gallon rule or the 1 inch of guppy fish per gallon rule. To keep your tank clean, I recommend you house them with other scavengers like snails and shrimps. Look for snails that are affixed to the glass (those are the active fellows!) Il est important d'adopter vos poissons d'aquariums, en fonction de leur futur habitat, mais aussi de leurs habitants.En effet, en fonction du type d'eau de votre aquarium et de sa contenance, certains poissons ne s'acclimateront pas de la même façon : - Les poissons rouges apprécieront un aquarium d'eau froide, tandis que les guppys ou poissons discus sont uniquement des poissons d'eau douce. Swordtails, Mollies, Cory Catfish and Bristlenose Plecos make better companions for Angelfish. Donc est ce possible de mettre 2femelle et 1 mal dans un 20l bien planter je ne garderais aucune desandance. bonjour je débute en aquariophilie et j'ai un aquarium 20 litres avec 2 guppy endler ( couple)qui ont fait 2 bébé et 2 petit rasboras je croi qu'il me manque une ou 2 femelles sinon conseiller moi des poisson a mettre dans ce 20 litres combien de litres pour deux japonais? Je n'aime pas les poissons rouges. Il y a différents chauffages : JBL protemp, Eheim, Aquael ou encore Visitherm. Large predatory fish, fish that nip fins, and aggressive fish are bad companions for guppies. Il va falloir tester les nitrites tous les jours jusqu'à ce que le pic soit passé (tu vas voir les nitrites apparaître, puis augmenter, redescendre pour enfin disparaitre). They’re a great match for guppy fish and an excellent snail to keep around if you’re looking for a low-cost option to keep algae under check in your tank. They add plenty of color to tanks, are peaceful, relatively cheap and very easy to maintain. Parmi nos sélections de produits, ce filtre pour aquarium angulaire nano est à la fois puissant, silencieux et moins énergivore. You want to avoid this because crossbreeding can create weak offspring, which means a lot of health problems. En fonction de vos litres, il faudra choisir le nombre de watts. When housing them with Guppies, keep an eye on them as Guppies may be nippy from time to time. Cherry Shrimp and Tiger Barbs – Can You Keep Them in Same Aquarium? Because Nerite Snails need saltwater to breed, you don’t have to take measures to keep their population under control. Because of their scavenging behavior and preference for the bottom part of the aquarium, they eat leftover food from the substrate and while doing so, they send algae and muck into the tank. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Guppy got its name in the name of English priest and scientist Robert John Lechmere Guppy, who in 1886 made a report to Royal Society, in which he told about the fish that spawns juveniles instead of eggs. They’re a bit of a timid species, but they’re non-aggressive and make a good companion for Guppy fish. dans 20L tu peux : - un specifique crevettes + 1/2 escargot ou - 1 betta ( combattant ) Attention le guppy se reproduit à une vitesse incroyable ! Caring for guppies is relatively easy, but it’ll take a little work to set up the best habitat for your new pets. They’re specific things you must observe to successfully keep Gourami, so they’re better suited for more experienced aquarists or those who don’t mind the potential keeping difficulties that come with this species. They’re great tank mates for Guppies and get along with other freshwater fish like Cory catfish and cardinal tetras. We’ve kept and sold thousands of fish at our fish store, and this level of salt is safe for virtually all fish – except anchor catfish. Keep the temperature between 68-79 °F with the PH at 6.0-8.0. Poecilia reticulata habitat is in freshwater and brackish water basins of Venezuela, Guiana, to the North of Amazon river, on the North of Brazil, Barbados islands and Trinidad. Hey Grace! All Rights Reserved. aquarium de 20L et poissons: Combien de temps pour des bébé Guppy??? The guy from the pet store told me, that cherry shrimp are not good guppies tank mates.

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